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Welcome to Hue University’s College of Education (HUCE)!


HUCE was established in1957. Since its establishment, HUCE staff have endlessly striven to make the College become a quality center of training, scientific research and education. All of HUCE’s activities focus on establishing and maintaining a democratic environment in all fields of action so that potentialities and contributions of all the staff are encouraged and promoted. HUCE is among the leading colleges in effectively innovating teaching and learning methods as well as speeding up information technology application in all of its activities.


HUCE provides modern equipment and infrastructure, at the same time satisfies the need for enhancing quality in training and scientific research. Additionally, HUCE creatively and actively pushes up activities for research exchange and experience sharing with local and international universities, organisations in order to enhance the quality in training and scientific research of its staff. HUCE makes every effort to foster lecturers’ scientific research competence and creativity, develop joint scientific activities with foreign institutions and publish research results on prestigious magazines worldwide.


HUCE pays attention to quality assurance in training teachers of all levels so as to meet the social needs for education as well as students’ academic needs. HUCE has made an important shift from a term-based system to a credit-based one. HUCE is one of the 20 colleges to be eligible for the national quality assurance in higher education program which follows international standards and has received accreditation by the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training as fulfilling the standard of higher education quality assessment.


It is our mission to maintain and endlessly enhance training quality and this urges every HUCE staff and the directorial board to change training mode as well as service and managing policies. In the future, HUCE makes attempts to become a model national pedagogical college to keep trace with trends of development in education in the world. HUCE strives to develop teaching staffs with capabilities in conducting professional expertise and scientic research. From 2013, all teaching staff must have master or higher degree. To 2015, about 35% lecturers have PhD degree. HUCE plans to offer Bachelor of Education degree in English for some training courses, enhances lecturers ability in using foreign languages, especially English so as to facilitate scientific exchange with foreign partners, combines scientific research with training and reinforces international cooperation in training and doing scientific research. HUCE will choose from one to two training courses to participate in Asian University Network (AUN) quality control. 


We always welcome undergraduate and postgraduate students to enroll in HUCE. We treasure international or domestic organisations, agencies to cooperate with HUCE in training teachers for a sustainable future of education for our next generations.


Best regards!                                                                                                       RECTOR



Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tham
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